Simple Forms Onboarding Software on Different Platforms and Devices

Where other onboarding softwares can be clunky or hard to figure out, SimpleForms’ custom designed platform looks and works great on desktop, tablet, and smart phone.

Adding new hires on the go with your tablet or phone?

With a walkthrough to help new managers and new hires, SimpleForms answers your questions right in the app.

Is SimpleForms for me ?

Does the printer ever work when you want it to? It doesn’t for us, so we built SimpleForms.
Paperwork without the fight! 

p.s. We do so much more than we can fit on this page!

Corporate and Small Business

Compliance made simple.

Keep your employees’, contractors’ and vendors’ required forms all in one place and at the click of a button.

Whichever position you are hiring for, you will need to start with 2 of these 3 required forms.

SimpleForms provides your employees and contractors the digital ease of filling out their required paperwork accurately, securely, and efficiently by answering a few simple questions. SimpleForms then does all the work for you, auto filling the required forms and letting you know when they are complete. You can even remind employees to complete their forms with the push of a button.

Simple Forms Corporate and Small Business Onboarding Software
Simple Forms Festivals, Events and Functions Onboarding Software
Festivals, Events & Functions

Store your volunteers’, contractors’, and vendors’ forms all in one safe and secure place.

Hiring on the spot with a big clipboard? Trying to keep your forms unwrinkled and together while you run around on a job site? Ditch the hassle with SimpleForms!

Zip and download the entire event’s paperwork at the click of a button.

Eliminate searching through your email for the most up to date event information. Provide it at your employees’ finger tips. Upload maps of locations, production schedules, attendee schedules, and more. Don’t worry, all uploads are retractable from the staff after the successful completion of your event.


Freelancers, one-person businesses, or startups, we help you understand and take care of your own paperwork.

Whether you just took on new project with a separate employer, or you are hiring your first employee, you are going to need at least one of these forms. We let you build up from there. Add in your employee handbooks, your NDAs, or whatever forms you just ‘have’ to have. (Don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out which forms these might be.)

Provide ease and security for your employees so they won’t mind doing paperwork, and they’ll get it in on time. If they don’t send them a push notification or nudge them with a reminder through SimpleForms.

Simple Forms Entrepreneur Onboarding Software
Simple Forms Onboarding Software The Forms

The Forms: I-9, W-9 and W-4

SimpleForms keeps track of your I-9, W-4, W-9, and any custom forms your company may have online, complete with valid signatures. Eliminating paperwork makes the onboarding process a breeze, with easy instructions for employees, and no paperwork filing for managers.

How onboarding works for managers:

5 Steps to Successful Employee Onboarding
  1. Add an employee to your team
  2. Send invitation onboarding email
  3. Monitor progress and send notifications if needed
  4. If relevant, fill out and sign I-9
  5. You’re all done!

How onboarding works for new hires:

4 Steps with Easy To Follow Instructions
  1. Receive onboarding email and click link
  2. Create an account with SimpleForms
  3. Check task list and fill out required forms
  4. You’re onboard!

Requires ZERO Training.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s Get Started!

It takes 30 seconds to add your next new hire:

All you need is an email. Chose user type or create your own. Plug in optional information including pay rate and type. Choose from our documents or upload and map out your own templates!

You can set any of the forms as required, or optional, we’ll take care of all the redundant data entry to keep employee’s form filling process as easy as possible.

Become compliant in less than 5 minutes.

Create Templates & Auto-Populate New Hire Forms:

Upload ANY pdf.  New form creation is a breeze.

If we don’t have the information you need, create a custom question!

It doesn’t stop there. Start with your hiring forms and continue use for all documents during the lifetime of employment with each employee through the two way portal that is SimpleForms.

Automatic Onboarding:

We weren’t kidding, it’s as easy as entering an email, selecting which forms you need completed and SimpleForms handles the rest. An Automatic Employee Folder is Created.

Employees and Managers both get notified automatically via email when there is work to be completed.

The manager sees a live feed with time stamps, acknowledgments, or digital signatures.

Send Reminders, Reset Forms, view previously completed documents from anywhere!

Even upload a Drs. note or written warning directly into the employees folder!

We know blasphemy — paper on a paperless solution– some are just not as advanced as you!

Compliance made simple 

SimpleForms makes completing the onboarding checklist fast and convenient, with easy access from every device.

With individual employee and manager accounts and secure logins, your company can count on SimpleForms’ high level of security.

Need we say more? — Happy to! Call us: 858.859.1608

Try it for your next hire… FREE!

Try out SimpleForms for your next hire and see how easy onboarding can be. With nothing to install, and only a quick form to fill in your company information, you will be up and running in less than 5 minutes. Still have questions for how Simple Forms can be tailored to your company needs? Request a quote to get a custom price based on your company’s needs.

Try Free For 7 Days!

Try Free For 7 Days

Work is complicated enough.

Let us help you breathe a little easier.

  • Get tax forms filled out without the hassle
  • Store them on a secure platform
  • Easily access your documents anytime, anywhere at the click of a button

About Us

Simple Forms Employee Onboarding Software

Streamlining completion, compliance and storage W-4 forms, i-9s and W-9s. We build in a custom forms portal and keep you fully compliant against audits.

Customer Review:
“Working with SimpleForms was a seamless process. Their team brought energy into each step of the integration process. We look forward to working with them going forward!” -AVMA