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Recent Grad? Rapid industry experience at Startups!

Graduating college is exciting for any undergrad. Getting a first job is the step that follows (unless graduate school is an option). Where does one start to look for employment? Why is one company better than another? How do I match with a culture that promotes learning and growth? All valid questions. But step back

31 Oct
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Nushin Zarrabi

What Happens During an Audit “Part 2”

…Continued from previous post This means that the taxpayer should be prepared to hand over their relevant documentation for the tax year under audit. This is a list of records the IRS may request. The taxpayer should get the assistance of the tax professional (accountant, tax attorney, etc.) so they can properly navigate through this

27 Oct
waves audits
Nushin Zarrabi

What Happens During an Audit

Individuals and businesses are randomly selected for federal audits all the time. When this occurs, the taxpayer will receive an audit notification letter in the mail, which will generally give an overview of what documents and records are needed for certain tax years. How does this happen? After a taxpayer files a tax return with

25 Oct
Angela Yu

Successful Freelancers ALWAYS Do This

The Internet Age has produced some unexpected trends in human behavior. Beyond universal attachment to our devices and tweeting politicians, more and more individuals are choosing some form of freelance work. By May of 2015, the number of self-employed individuals increased by over 1 million in just a year. Flexibility in schedule, autonomy and location

23 Oct
Angela Yu

5 Highest Penalties for Small Businesses

Small business owners, especially new ones, can be surprised by the common tax penalties of owning their own company. The many complexities of reporting taxes for small businesses can be a minefield for those who don’t know what to look for. Below are the top five issues– and penalties – that business owners incur. 1)

20 Oct
artificial intelligence

Thinking Smarter Not Harder

The 2017 HR Tech conference in Las Vegas brought together leading thinkers in the industry focusing on innovation, artificial intelligence and the future of people engagement. One consistent thread throughout the conference was: Smart Technology Anticipating Employee’ Needs Currently, the HR industry is a on a spectrum with one side being represented by large companies with

16 Oct
Student Debt Onboarding
Angela Yu

Why Debt, Students and Taxes Matter

One of the happiest and satisfying milestones for a recent graduate or student is paying off student debt or having their loans forgiven. The joy of this accomplishment leaves little room for contemplation of the possible pitfalls, especially those related to taxes. Students tend to be relatively new – and therefore anxious – about filing

13 Oct
Independent Contractor
Nushin Zarrabi

Never Misclassify As Independent Contractor

Businesses have to determine whether their workers are considered independent contractors or employees for tax purposes. This decision is usually made at the outset of the relationship, when the terms are being drafted between the employer, and the individual (Employee or Independent Contractor). Outlined are key differences to classifying individuals as employees or independent contractors:

11 Oct
Employees Independent Contractor

Employee or Independent Contractor, Who to Hire?

An employee is a person who performs services for you where you control what will be done and how it will be done. An independent contractor is a person or entity that is engaged in the business of providing services to others where you only have the right to control or direct the result of

9 Oct
Freelance onboarding of W-9
Emily Rotolo

Onboarding With The Form W-9!

SimpleForms wants to simplify the W-4 during the onboarding process for full-time employees. We introduce the IRS Form W-9 and why SimpleForms wants to simplify this form for all freelancers and independent contractors (or contingent employees). The Form W-9 is arguably the most frequently used tax form out there. Not only do independent contractors use

5 Oct

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