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30 January 2019
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Quitting your job can be a freeing experience. Maybe you’ve got another opportunity lined up, or maybe you just need to start fresh, working elsewhere. Whatever the reason being that you’ve decided to part ways with your employer, you now have a whole world of options in front of you. While there are many options, let’s dive into some key thing that you should do before and after you quit your job.

Weigh Out Your Options

Before you jump to any conclusions, you should weigh out your options. You’ve decided to quit your job for one reason or another, so build off of what inspired you to make the change. Do you want to take a break from work altogether? Do you want to join another company and continue building your career in an office? Or, perhaps you want to freelance. Think even bigger – could you start your own company? All of these options are now possible for you, because you’re starting a new chapter in your career. Helpful ways to narrow down options: Talk with friends indifferent industries, do you want to move? What kind of jobs are available in your new city?

When you’re daydreaming 5 years from now where do you see yourself- write it down and work backwards on how to get there.

Maybe you need to wait 3-4 more months to make sure you have rent covered so you can focus on what you want to do and not what you have to do to pay your bills. Or maybe you need the stress of the deadline to make it happen! What works for you?  This is your time and it’s a crucial step in setting yourself up so take your time it’s very important to plan and design your life the life you want to have not the one you have to have.

Become a Freelancer or a Consultant

quitting your Job

One great option for your career is to become a freelancer or a consultant. Becoming a freelancer is an extremely satisfying business venture for you. It can be a part-time adventure, or it can turn into your full-time job. There are many benefits to freelancing, that you can now use to your advantage. You can completely redesign your lifestyle and work on your own time, while offering your expertise to a wide range of clients. Getting started here can seem scary and tricky but it’s not. In fact freelancing is outpacing the traditional workforce. Ready to ride the wave? Everything you need is out there, just add in your passion, drive and hustle, others  have put together tools, webinars, guidelines, everything you need to get started is online!

Build Your Own Company

Maybe what you’re dreaming of has no active job postings, or no jobs at all because it doesn’t exist yet! Maybe it’s something you can’t or don’t want to do alone, but need the support of a team, be it engineers for a software app, or designers for a clothing line, marketing experts for a Marketing Shop because your way is definitely better or maybe it’s a yoga studio and you’re looking for a lifestyle business. Whatever it is, it’s time to think big!

If you thought freelancing had a lot of benefits, building your own business has many more. You can put your skills to work, follow your passion, pass your knowledge onto others, and build something great. They say the best businesses come from solving a problem that you endured, a painkiller, not a vitamin, a necessity not a nice to have.  Dig deep and think about what you can make better, different enhance the world. Look at the different things a company can accomplish not just financially but for the world, like being a B Corp – and being responsible for giving back in the world of conscious commerce like Tom’s Shoes (or cough Us). Building a company around sustainability, and saving the planet, like organized beach cleanups turned Classy.org or SimpleForms, that simply wants to save the trees for our kids to see.  We can name industries, passions, lists on tools but ultimately it comes down to you. DO you want to be a business owner and take on everything that comes with it, the joy of giving employees their birthday as a day off or the daunting task of letting someone go. Or the late nights over the books and figuring out how to make ends meet or how to keep supplies on the shelves as they keep flying off!

Regardless of being a freelancer, finding another job or starting your own company! There are rules, regulations and steps to be followed. Which is why we and every other blog writer out there are here — to help.

What’s the Catch?

While this all sounds great, when you’re choosing which next step to take, there’s something you can’t forget. If you’re becoming a freelancer, make sure that you have all your contracts and tax forms in order from your side, as well as from your clients. If you’re starting your own business, make sure you have everything in order for your business, your employees, and of course, your customers. No matter what you end up doing, let SimpleForms make your process even easier. Our platform can make everything from NDA’s to tax forms to onboarding processes as simple as can be. Contact us today to schedule your demo!

quitting your Job

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