Does Your 9-5 Boss Need to Know About Your Freelance on the Side?

15 January 2019
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Freelancing is an exciting opportunity to share your expertise with a wide range of clients. The great thing about freelancing is that you can be a full-time freelancer, or you can take on freelancing as a side hustle. For those who freelance and work a traditional forty-hour work week means your time is valuable, and you don’t have a lot of downtime. As long as your freelance on the side  doesn’t interfere with your regular job, you don’t have to tell your boss, right? Well, let’s break down the situation and figure out when, if, and how to tell your boss about your side job.

Questions to Consider Before You Tell Your Boss

If you’re not entirely sure if you need to ask your boss if it’s okay to freelance on the side, or if you’re not sure if they need to know at all, first as yourself these questions.

Do The Hours of Your Side Gig Interfere with Your Regular Job?

At the end of the day, your main job comes first, at least until your freelance on the side  becomes your full-time gig. It’s important to remember that you need to manage your time correctly and prioritize which projects come first.

Do You Work for a Competitor or Does Your Project Compete with Your Job?

Is the client that you work for on the side one of your competitors? Does the work that you’re doing directly compete or mimic work that you’re doing at your daytime job? When you’re choosing which clients to work for, it’s best to avoid working for a direct competitor. Many companies have non-compete agreements where you can’t work for a competitor. So, unless your client is a competitor, or, the work that you’re doing directly competes.

Ultimately, It’s Up To You

Even if you answered no to the above questions, it’s still okay if you want to tell your boss you’ve started working on the side. What’s important to remember is that it’s ultimately your decision whether or not you want to tell your boss that you have a side hustle. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your day-to-day job, your side hustle can be your secret, or you can share it with whoever you want.

Helpful Tips to Guide Your Conversation with Your Boss

There are a few ways that you can share with your boss that you’re freelancing on the side. If you’re unsure if it’s okay, you can ask your boss. Tell them that you’ve been exploring the option to freelance on the side and guarantee them that it won’t interfere with your day-to-day responsibilities. Chances are, they won’t say no, because they understand the benefits of having a side gig. Another way to share it with your boss is to simply tell them. If you’ve done your research and you know for certain freelancing doesn’t break any company rules, and you know you can balance both jobs, go ahead and share your great news with your boss.

Make Sure You Have Your Forms In Order

Freelancing is a great way to follow your passion or simply make a little extra money on the side. It’s important to make sure that you have all of your paperwork ready to go because once tax season arrives, you’ll want to have everything sorted. No matter if you freelance a little, or freelance a lot, SimpleForms can make your paperwork process seamless. Contact us to get your free demo!

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