5 Benefits of Freelancing

8 January 2019
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Freelancing, the gig economy, side hustle… whatever you want to call it, increasing your monthly income on the side of full time employment is as popular as ever. You might even have enough freelancing gigs for that to be your full time work. Self Employed WOOHOO! In fact, According to the Freelancers Union 35% of the U.S. workforce were freelancing in 2016. That’s 55 million people!

No matter what line of work you’re in, your skills are valuable, and many businesses can benefit from your expertise or better yet– pay you for them.

If you’re considering freelancing but aren’t entirely sold on the concept, below are five reasons that will convince you to follow your dream of becoming a freelancer.

Benefits of Freelancing

Follow Your Passion

In an ideal world, your day job should be something that you’re passionate about. But, in reality, you may have a bigger passion or hobby that doesn’t align with your 9-5 responsibilities. Not only does freelancing grant you freedom, it’s also a great way to follow your dreams and share your expertise with the world.

Build Your Portfolio

Expanding your portfolio can help you build a stronger brand, increase your experience, and be a useful tool for landing future job opportunities, freelancing is a great way to do that. You can take on projects for multiple different clients, putting your skills and knowledge to work, outside of your regular work.

Improve Your Work/Life Balance

Having a healthy work/life balance is extremely important for your overall well-being. Freelancing is a profession where you can significantly improve your work/life balance. You can focus on projects that make you feel fulfilled, and even better, you can choose the projects you want to work on. You can have the balance you’ve always dreamed.

Recreate Your Workday and Your Lifestyle

Along with improving your work/life balance, you can totally recreate your lifestyle. With flexible hours and flexible workspaces, you can work from literally anywhere. There are entire communities of freelancers, all around the world. Freelancers can travel, make their own hours, and do work on their own time. You can switch from a 40 hour work week to essentially, any work schedule you desire, as long as you’re hitting those deadlines!

Add to Your Annual Income

While the four reasons above are great reasons to freelance, the best reason is an increase in your annual income. Being a freelancer means you no longer have to work for a salary. You can be in control of your hourly wage and your overall pay. Your passion project can be turned into additional income – pretty great, right?

To learn more about getting started as a freelancer, request a demo with Simpleforms. Now that we’ve given you five great reasons to follow your passion and become a freelancer let SimpleForms help you with your paperwork. On our platform, you can have a secure W-9, manage all of your invoices, contracts, and more, all in one place.

Benefits of Freelancing


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