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Graduating college is exciting for any undergrad.

Getting a first job is the step that follows (unless graduate school is an option).

Where does one start to look for employment? Why is one company better than another? How do I match with a culture that promotes learning and growth?

All valid questions. But step back for a moment. Consider who you are as an individual.

  1. Are you the type that thrives with constant challenges that need to be overcome?
  2. Or do you perform well with structure and consistent directions?

If you aligned with #1, consider working at a start up. With a small or medium sized team, there will be dozens (if not hundreds) of projects that need creative thinking and innovation in order to succeed.

If you answered #2, a startup is also the right choice. Because startups have a higher degree of chaos, your ability to add structure to the chaos will be extremely valuable. The pace may be fast, but the amount of learning that will happen will set your entire team up for future success.

Successful startups are a balance of risks and calculated decisions, chaos and organization, failing and learning.

You may be saying hold up, hold up. What is the difference between a startup and small business? Family or friends of mine own a small business and I can work for them.

Startups are described by Neil Blumenthal (CEO of Warby Parker) as “a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.”

The solution at a dry cleaners is obvious, people need their clothes dry cleaned. The problem that a local coffee shop is solving is your craving for coffee. Though success is not guaranteed at a small business, the risk is much lower because of predictable patterns of business.

Startups are anything but predictable, which is where the excitement stems from – trying to determine if a group of people will see the value in a innovative product or solution.

With the dichotomous nature in a startup being high risk and high reward, consider a couple new questions.

  1. Are you at a point in your life where (genuinely need) a consistent paycheck is the most important?
  2. Or are you in a life stage where you can take a employment risks, take ownership that your actions will directly affect business outcomes, or work with a small/driven team?

Considering who you are and what stage you are at in life. Those two qualities are the biggest determiners as to whether you will excel at a startup after graduation.

Find a growing start up! Give them a call and learn more about their growing team! If you have any questions about start ups or what type of company would of company would fit you best, shoot the author an email at zach@simpleforms.com!

Written By: Zach Thomas



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