Successful Freelancers ALWAYS Do This

The Internet Age has produced some unexpected trends in human behavior.

Beyond universal attachment to our devices and tweeting politicians, more and more individuals are
choosing some form of freelance work.

exciting onboarding

By May of 2015, the number of self-employed individuals increased by over 1 million in just a year.

Flexibility in schedule, autonomy and location independence are just some of the benefits that have led many to join the freelance

New freelancers, though, are often shocked by the initial flurry of questions with no seeming answers when they first start up their business.

Unsurprisingly, most of these questions revolve around client acquisition and retention – How much should I charge? How much are clients paying my competition? How do I keep my clients happy?

Freelancers often do not think enough about the onboarding process for a new client.

“The biggest problem occurs when people think more about finances than providing the best service,” said Ravi Chahar, a freelance WordPress Professional and web developer.

This lack of perspective can be a nightmare for a new client, with each extra step and hurdle serving as a
reason to work with someone else.

hurdles onboarding

Problems with simple solutions can cost freelancers new customers.

For example, the inability for a client to e-sign a document is a waste of time and resources for all parties.

After working hard to sell themselves and their services, freelancers must not overlook the step of simple onboarding solutions.

Freelancers can fix these issues and even get ahead of them by concentrating on the client experience.

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Written By: Nushin Zarrabi 

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