Thinking Smarter Not Harder

The 2017 HR Tech conference in Las Vegas brought together leading thinkers in the industry focusing on innovation, artificial intelligence and the future of people engagement. One consistent thread throughout the conference was:

Smart Technology Anticipating Employee’ Needs

Smart Software

Currently, the HR industry is a on a spectrum with one side being represented by large companies with all inclusive solutions. In contrast, smaller agile companies are are meeting specific company/client needs.

The smart technology is now bridging the gap between the two by learning what clients needs are with chat bots, creating data accuracy with blockchain technology, and simplifying performance management with simplified dashboards for metrics analytics.

While the industry is trending toward multiple integrated solutions that fulfill the needs of employees and managers alike, simplification paired with artificial intelligence will continue to dominate future solutions.

Thus as a small business owner, an independent contractor or a HR Director, where do you begin?

What is the best solution for recruiting, onboarding(cough cough SimpleForms ;), people management, payroll and all the other components of HR?

Get excited! because solutions are constantly changing to better serve clients and businesses!

More mundane, repetitive tasks are becoming automated, increasing ROI and employee productivity.

Notifications are less disruptive, chat bots are smarter at responding to specific questions, and processes for people empowerment are producing better results.

With all the change you may feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on all the tech that is being created.

But have no fear!

Onboarding Excitement

When speaking to innovators and competitors alike this past week, one thing is certain. Each company cares about the well being of the manager and customer.

Together the industry is making daily strides to increase overall wellness of a people group that genuinely cares.

Begin your research! Do your background checking on which solution is right for your company and when you find a great solution that is delivered simply to fit your business specific needs, moved forward and innovate together!

Written By: Zach Thomas

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  • ConcettaD@peakperformancesalestraining.us

    ConcettaD@peakperformancesalestraining.us26 October 2017Reply

    I really do appreciate the level of knowledge that you bring to the table with well written articles like this, thank you!

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