Employee Experience Starts BEFORE Day 1

The year started with a job surge, and saw unemployment rates hitting a low on April 1st.

As more individuals entered the workforce, companies needed to shift their focus from
retaining employees to employee on-boarding.

It follows that these employers are increasingly
prioritizing creating a positive and memorable employee experience.

However, few have figured out the secret recipe to a positive employee experience.

Most companies roll out a version of the same – after an aggressive recruitment
experience designed to woo even the most reluctant of recruits, cookie-cutter employee onboarding leaves them sitting in a small conference room with the only light coming from theglow of a Powerpoint presentation.

Generally consisting of a week of unmemorable “training,”

a new employee is then unceremoniously thrust into his or her new role, feeling like another cog in the wheel.

employee experience, powerpoint

Instead, companies should be reluctant to let the resources used during and the key learning points gained from successful recruitment experiences

go to waste during the employee on-boarding process. Personalization has transformed the way companies have
competently and carefully filled their positions. Individuals’ preference for a tailored, rather
than a one-size-fits-all, experience makes sense given today’s personalized Netflix-queued and
Spotify-playlisted world.

Some companies like Wooga, which gives its employees a gift on their birthdays, and Wipro, which commits to learning the interests about their newly deployed personnel, have seen real results in their retention rates.

Employee onboarding is becoming increasingly more important to today’s employer.

Instead of flattering a potential employee
and then routinely absorbing them into the company,
an employer can nourish a number of
touch points once employees join.

Written By: Angela Yu, Associate at Connel Foley LLP

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