3 Mandatory Cultural Integrations for New Hires

The first experiences of a new hire with their employer are crucial to the integration in the company.

New employees are looking for an indication that their new work home is up-to-date and modern,

not only in their business practices but in their cultural norms as well.

This is especially true for those in a growth industry,

where a delay in adopting cutting edge resources and practices can trigger some confusion and concern for a new employee.

There are certain junctures during on-boarding that an employer can focus on to avoid and alleviate
concerns for their employees.

Calming ocean in coffee cup, new hire

The first step in the on-boarding process usually involves what can feel like endless paperwork and tireless trainings for a new hire.

One way a company can provide some relief to this common pain point is by integrating on-boarding software. On-boarding software is a way to streamline an employee’s first experience with an employer while demonstrating to the employee the company’s interest in providing tech- savvy solutions and practices.

Oftentimes, many of these compliance forms are more efficiently handled using on-boarding software.

Employees are able to fill them out with ease and find the process less mundane for a new hire.

On-boarding, in contrast to a simple orientation, demonstrates a company’s culture.

It is a touch point for employees to learn about their new environment and should be treated that way. Hiring directors should treat on-boarding as an opportunity to not only get information they need,

but also as a way to demonstrate culture and integration into the culture of their employers.

Written By: Angela Yu, Associate at Connell Foley LLP

Feel free to email us or message us if you have any other On-Boarding tips or ideas that will benefit the hiring community!

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