San Diego Startup Week

18 June 2016
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This week is another exciting time for SimpleForms! We were invited to participate in San Diego Startup Week and it has been another opportunity to get our name out there. Startup Week is an event that brings the community together “to showcase exciting local innovation, share resources and knowledge, and strengthen connections”. Emily was featured Monday on the panel “Who to HIre When Building a Technical Product as a Non-Technical Co-Founder” and highlighted her success in finding the right technical resources to get SimpleForms off the ground. The panel also talked about how thery structured different technical positions across freelancers, third party companies, short-term CTOs, advisors, and founding partners. Also featured this week is John Shiple, the newest addition to the SimpleForms team as our CTO for the next six months. John sat on the panel Strategies for Advancing Your Tech Career on Friday to talk about the different paths developers can take over the course of a rapidly evolving career. Our good friend Jill Felska, Director of Customer Experience at Breezy.hr, moderated John’s talk which was very cool. We saw Andy White, Startup Advocate for the Downtown San Diego Partnership, who came to the Padres game with us. The entire week culminated in the Exhibitors Fair held at the Quartyard San Diego venue which I had not been to before. Startups were able to setup a table and hang out with live music, a great bar, and plenty of food trucks.

We had a fair amount of interaction from attendees considering the more laid back nature of the exhibitors fair. I grabbed a table right by the bar figuring I could capture everyone heading for a beer on a hot day. The biggest value for me was getting together with the team again and meeting John Shiple for the first time. It was also good to see how other companies represent themselves. I felt like it’s time we invested in a conference roll out banner, a tablecloth and some t-shirts to present in kind with other startups. Emily got stuck working an event and was late to the Exhibitors Fair, but it was a great realization that SimpleForms was functioning without her direct input. We had Romo, John, Chase and Matt there representing SimpleForms while Emily made her way through rush hour traffic. The SimpleForms team closed out another week of progress and continues to chart our direction to growth.


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Written By: Emily Rotolo Founder & CEO

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