Team Building and The Padres

17 May 2016
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We’ve spent the last couple weeks digesting all the contacts we met at the Collision conference and engaging in first round follow ups. One thing that has been tough to come by recently is straightforward constructive criticism. It’s wonderful to have feedback that is so overwhelmingly positive, but I know that to grow to our full potential we need those that can pick through the gaps in our solution. Growing a startup team must be done with much consideration. Prioritizing a long list of human capital skills with moving development targets and fluid funding is challenging for any company. Finding the diamond in the rough for a particular company culture under perfect timing can seem impossible. Our CEO, Emily, has been incredibly active at networking and finding potential additions to the team for all roles under consideration. She’s doing an amazing job reaching out in every way possible; attending dev meetups, leveraging LinkedIn, networking with other startups, tracking down referrals from friends, etc.. Even still, we have to ask ourselves a lot of questions to reach a point of confirmation for team expansion. Can this candidate bring credibility to the team? Do they have relevant experience? What about their personality? Perceived work ethic? Can we afford them? Will they work with flexible part-time to full-time employment structures? Do we go to third party contractors for this capability? Is this candidate an advisor, an investor, an employee….or all, some or none?

Luckily, like any major challenge in life there seems to always be a path forward. After diligent consideration and effort things seem to fall in place with the needed people and at the right time. SimpleForms has been able to add another significant advisor to the team, taking us from the core 3-member team to a team now including two technical advisors, legal counsel, video marketing team, DevOps resource and a UI/UX resource. I am a proponent of celebrating the little wins because it’s good not to let them go by the wayside, and it nurtures positivity. We may not be funded yet, but we have more resources than we had available a month ago…and that’s a good thing.

To celebrate taking some steps forward, Emily put together our first team event for all to attend. We finally had a chance to get together and put work aside for a night to see the Padres play the Giants at home in San Diego. Everyone got to meet in person, grab a beer and go to a baseball game. It was truly a great night. Seeing that people were cohesive and that all the different parts summed up to an awesome group made our team outing a really special moment. I can’t wait to watch the hunt continue for the next members of this amazing team, and to unlock the potential we can’t see today.

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Written By: Emily Rotolo Founder & CEO

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