Getting Ready for Collision 2016

22 April 2016
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As I sit down to write this first blog post for WTF I can’t stop thinking about all the things that have to happen before we leave for Collision. It’s painful because we’ve accomplished so much to get to this point but cannot afford the celebration just yet. I write like everyone should know what Collision is, but until this year I had no idea. Collision is a technology conference in New Orleans aimed at high quality networking for startups, investors, media and their surrounding communities. WTF is hoping to leverage the conference experience to practice pitching the company, gathering unbiased feedback and connecting with potential investors. I also really want to eat a ton of cajun food, drink sugary frozen drinks and, of course, slam beignets harder than I work for this company.

The conference holds particular importance for the WTF team because it’s the basis for all our first significant deadlines. We’ve had to dial-in our priorities and master tasks together successfully like never before. Like most to-do lists, our pre-Collision list seems to only grow as we get closer to leaving. We’ve spent weeks driving the development of our Beta web application, honing in the marketing prototypes, internalizing talking points, launching a web site, pushing a social media campaign, reviewing the business model and talking with advisors….among many many other things! We leave next week and have been in this crazy analysis phase, which has produced a bunch of revisions to the business on all fronts. I have no idea how I’m going to manage my day job, edit a 40-page business plan and come up with an optional revenue model. I’m thinking I’ll focus on the revenue model because who doesn’t want to hear how we plan to actually make money, right?

It’s absolutely crazy to think that we are seriously starting a company, and that I have miraculously held it together well enough to be part of this team. I have been passionate about the stories of companies…who started them, how, when, what mistakes did they make, what makes them successful, and so on. Now we are writing our own story and it’s just the beginning. There is nothing more exciting than unfulfilled potential!

WTF formally launches April 15, 2016 and will be exhibiting Thursday, April 28 at Collision in New Orleans.

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