Simple Forms Onboarding Software Desktop Version
Simple Forms Mobile Onboarding Software

Helpful explanations and videos make confusing tax language easy to understand

Electronic form tracking means no more chasing down new employees

Easy to use portal for both employees and companies

Confirm every document is received with timestamps or activate signature abilities

Simple Forms Onboarding Software Team

SimpleForms becomes the source of information for all your other systems.

HR & Accounting

Pay Rates

Witholdings / Updates

Requested Pay Stubs / W2


Vendor W9 and 1099s

Insurance Certifications


POS, Time Clocks, Scheduling Software

Company Info

Employee Info

Employment Documents

Exchange Handbooks, Brand Manifesto, Uniform Updates and more

Industry Specific Management Software

Company Info

Employee Info

Also great for managing

Freelance Jobs, Second Jobs, Taxes, Accounting, Rentals & Leasing

Customize our platform to suit your business needs.

We work with you to tailor our services in a way that is most beneficial to your workflow.

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Simple Forms Onboarding Software on Different Platforms and Devices

Which options are best for you?

Corporate and Small Business
W-4 | W-9 | I-9

Keep your employees’, contractors’ and vendors’ required forms all in one place and at the click of a button.

Simple Forms Festivals, Events and Function Onboarding Software
Festivals, Events & Functions

Store your contractors and vendors
all in one place.

Simple Forms Entrepreneur Onboarding Software
W-4| W-9 | I-9

Freelancer, or overachiever, take care
of your own paperwork.

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Requires ZERO Training.

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About Us

Simple Forms Employee Onboarding Software

SimpleForms was created to help understand the confusing language in required paperwork. To stop individuals from guessing and blindly completing important documents and creating a easy to use portal between employees and companies.

We store the information the businesses need and provide support to the employee. By creating the pre-step to tax platforms, SimpleForms is the ideal middle between Payroll and Accounting systems.